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Green Placement – An Innovative Concept & Strategy in Campus Placement Model

Varun Shenoy, P. S. Aithal

Campus Placements as we know today is a process involving interview of college students by recruiting companies utilizing institutional resources towards candidate job selection. The same campus placements which are being traditionally conducted by the arrival of HR Team to campus, their pre-placement talk about company and job description with the gradual interview rounds is slowly beginning to shift its perspectives towards a more greener stature. Especially now with the application of modern technology in hiring practices like E-Recruiting or On-line Recruitment, the entire campus recruitment  process is also poised to leap towards a rapid change. Therefore, this research paper aims to construct an ideal strategy towards implementing campus placement process in parallel lines of E-Recruiting as well but with a more environment-friendly approach. This on-line campus placement process termed as 'Green Placements' will thrive as a conceptual model focused on to reduce resource wastages, save water, time, space, electricity by preserving the surrounding environment clean and green whilst the placement activity is being conducted at the college.

Green Placements, Green Innovations, Campus Placements, Green Strategy
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