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A Critical Review of the Challenges, Threats, and Drawbacks of Humanoid and Autonomous Robots

Muhammad Ubale Kiru

Humanoid and autonomous robots are well known globally not just for their intelligence, but also because they are highly automated and advanced. From the time of their first invention and usage till date, Man has been at the receiving end of their limitations, faults and/or destructiveness. They have caused greater harm than good in some senses, and hence, a rising agitation of their ban. This paper seeks to explore the challenges, risks, problems and drawbacks of the existence and usage of these robots in all aspects of human livelihood; in health, agricultural and social institutes, in attack or defense operations etc. while it dives through some reports by human right organizations and those of the general public, it would consider various revolting voices on why these innovations aren’t the cutting edge of human civilization. 

Humanoid robots, Autonomous robots, Co-robot, Weapons, Killer-robot, Botnet, robo-machine
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