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A Mechatronic System to Prevent Death due to Suffocation in a Locked Car

Mallikappa DN Dodderi, Rao Sukesh Raghavendra, Narayana Hegde, Navaneeth Rao I, Mohammed Asif

Automation of anti-suffocation system has become a very essential part of safety in automobile. The death of toddlers, disabled people and animals due to suffocation in locked cars has been a significant problem. Hence, there is a requirement for a system which autonomously operates with minimal power consumption and cost to overcome this sort of harm to human life.

In this work an attempt has been made to develop a system that works invariably, irrespective of negligence of person handling the car. This system is a prototype vehicle model of how sensors and actuators can be appropriately used as a setup to overcome this problem.

The setup consists of a prototype vehicle, with engine cut off and all the doors closed, a temperature sensor, a motion sensor, a microcontroller and actuator and the power supply is provided by a battery.

Results indicate that, with the help of sensors and actuators window glass is lowered and circulation of fresh air takes place, temperature inside the car is lowered; this system prevents suffocation by intelligent sensing which works efficiently, this is an economical system without any compromise on its functioning.

Mechatronic system, Anti suffocation, Sensors, Actuators, Prototype
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