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Radioisotopes in Agricultural Industry

Mansoureh Pourjafar

In environment there are approximately 300 nuclei, containing of different components and their isotopes. Isotopes are nuclei having the similar number of protons and different number of neutrons. Radioisotopes can be applied in vast range of agricultural systems. Scientists are solving the mysteries of multitude agricultural difficulties, which could not have been conceivable with formal ways. Radioisotopes were used in many range of application such as killing insects which damage the food grains by radiations, determining the function of fertilizers in different plants and increase the agricultural produce. Fruits, cereals, canned food and vegetables can be stored for longer periods by moderately exposing them to radiations. Uses of radioisotopes applicable techniques are helping the researchers to find the answer of difficulties in much lesser time. Radioisotopes can be produce from different sources such as nuclear reactors and other atomic installations, and this situation have increased the use of radioisotopes in the agricultural systems. The current paper shortly illustrates the importance of radioisotopes and their radiation in the agricultural areas.

Isotopes; protons, Radiations, Agricultural products
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