Economic Crisis and Poverty Induced Deviance on Female Teachers in Zimbabwe

Plaxcedes Chikunda, Cynthia Dzimiri, Viola Ingwani


The study explores deviant activities that female teachers engage into due to the poverty induced by the economic crisis prevailing in Zimbabwe. The research was designed and conducted within the qualitative paradigm.  The design adopted by the study was the survey.  The methodology involved informal conversational interviews and focus group discussions. The study was conducted with a group of thirty female teachers who were also perusing their masters studies. The study established that female teachers engage in various deviant as teachers and as students due to the economic hardships that they find themselves in. Deviant acts as teachers include failure to attend to their classes, getting involved into peddling activities instead to augment the meagre income from government. Retailing of goods to pupils, giving less work to their pupils to reduce work load and many more. As students they are forced to engage in acts of plagiarism as well as missing lessons to attend to whatever business that can bring the much needed extra income. 


Teaching; Income level of teachers; female teachers' income

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