Analysis of Referral Pattern in Burns to a Tertiary Burn Care Centre in India

J. J. Lankaram, Angeline Selvaraj


Government Kilpauk Medical College Hospital in Chennai has a tertiary burn care centre with an exclusive new building catering to the needs of burn victims. This burn unit was started by PadmashreeDr.Mathangi Ramakrishnan in the year 1981. All types of burns in all age groups are treated here. Management of a burn patient involves multimodal approach and involves the contribution of various specialists. These patients require multiple stages of medical and surgical managements thus prolonging the duration of hospital stay. Though the treatment to the patient is provided free in the government hospital, the relatives or care takers have to spend money for their food and daily needs. Most patients come from lower socioeconomic background and depend on their daily wages for survival making the problem more complex. Burn survivors are scarred and have some physical disability which persists, creating a sense of depression or loss. Major burn victims have a high mortality even in specialized units. Thus ultimately most of the victims and their care givers are not satisfied in the end.


Burn Referrals; Tertiary Burn Care Centre; Burn Surface Area (BSA)

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