Environment and Resource Challenges Faced by Early Childhood Development Centres in Gweru Urban High Density Suburbs

Grace Sibusisiwe Mupondi-Masuka, Richard Nyika, Phebion Kangai


The aim of the study was to analyse the resource and environment challenges faced by Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres within Gweru Urban high density suburbs. Availability of resources and quality of the environment are crucial components in the holistic development of all children (Bruce, 2004). This study sought to establish the specific nature of resources and environment challenges currently faced by ECD centres in the Gweru urban high density suburbs. In order to establish the dimensions and nature of this phenomenon, the study adopted the mixed method approach which used interviews, questionnaires, observations and document analyses to collect data. Six (6) ECD administrators from six (6) ECD centres and thirty (30) ECD teachers from ECD centres in Gweru High Density Suburbs were purposively sampled for the study. Results showed that inadequate provision of resource and environment requirements had bedevilled centres in the high density suburbs. The centres lacked funding resulting in failure to provide a suitable environment and needed resources. The teacher-pupil ratio was as high as 1:50 which was above the 1:20 ratio stated in the Statutory Instrument 106 of 2005. The study recommended that the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education should not allow ECD centres to operate without meeting the requirements for ECD establishment. Parents and other stakeholders were also encouraged to contribute towards funding, construction and acquisition of resources for ECD centres. The study also recommended that government and council should provide free land for the establishment of ECD centres for both public and private centres. 


Early Childhood Development; ECD Centres; Environment; Resources

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