Natural Selection Intensity among four Hindu Varna populations of Lucknow Disttict, Uttar Pradesh

Vibha Devi Bajpai, Dr. Udai Pratap Singh


The selection intensity indices were calculated based one demographic information pertaining to fertility and mortality among the four Varnas of Lucknow population. The highest value of Crow’s index is observed in Kshartiya (0.494934) where as lowest in Brahmins (0.365809). Johnston and Kensinger index varies from 0.3866 among Brahmins to 0.5294 among Kshtiya. The total index of opportunity (Crow’s) is in the order Brahmin > Vaishya > Shudra > Kshtirya. However the mortality component is more in Kshtirya and Vaishyas reflecting the accessibility of poor medical facilities and socio-economic condition. Another reason may be due to the delay in care seeking practices.


Natural selection intensity, Fertility, Mortality, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra

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