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Teaching Design of English Picture Book for Primary Schools Based on Performance Culture Teaching Method-Taking the Story Time in Unit 1 of the Third Grade of the PEP Version as an Example

Yuan Dandan

The performance culture teaching method was first proposed by the American Sinologist Wu Weike. It is a teaching method to learn a second language through the comprehension and practice of the target language. It focuses on culture and practice. The learner presents the story in a rehearsal manner in the context of the target language culture. Picture book teaching is a popular teaching method for primary school English teachers at this stage. Its novel feature of moving from outside class to classroom makes it an indispensable teaching method in primary school English teaching. This article takes the PEP version of the third grade English textbook as an example for teaching design and integrates the performance culture teaching method with the picture book teaching in the primary school English classroom teaching. The focus of research in teaching design is teaching implementation, that is, the application of performance methods in primary school English classrooms. This teaching design combines picture book teaching and performance culture teaching methods to promote primary school English teaching.

performance culture teaching method, picture book teaching, primary school English
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