Assessment of Pageantries: Learning or Enjoying?

Victor William B. Salazar, Jerald C. Moneva


Pageantries, as defined connotatively, are events or outdoor performances consisting of a procession of people in elaborate costumes and attires. Beauty pageants, which often occur in schools during culminating activities, immensely help students gain a wider point of view towards education and can also be enjoyable at the same time. However, there are still plenty of students who tend to infer these events as leisure activities or sources for enjoyment. The main goal of the study is to determine which will transpire more between learning and enjoying, to do so, the researcher used the quantitative – correlational approach. To obtain the best responses possible, the chosen respondents for the study were the Grade 10 and the Senior High School students of Jagobiao National High School. The researcher first explained the purpose of the study and then assured the respondents that the data gathered will only be for research purposes. The researcher then distributed the survey questionnaires and collected them back after the given time limit. With proper analysis and interpretation of the data, it was determined that there is no significant relationship between the variables. However, pageantries offer students a unique experience and opportunity to gain more knowledge.


Pageantries, Learning, Enjoying

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