Students' Level of Financial Support Satisfaction Towards Their Daily Allowance

Moneva Jerald, Tuñacao Marijune


The purpose of this study is to determine the association on the students' level of financial support satisfaction and their daily allowance. The study used a quantitative approach-descriptive correlation using a self-made questionnaire that was answered by the senior high school student. The questionnaire mainly indicates the different ranges of school allowances and factors that influence the students' satisfaction. The weighted mean was used for computing the mean of the level of financial support satisfaction that students feel towards their daily allowance. It used the chi-square (x²) showing a significant association between students' financial support satisfaction and school allowance. Students' financial support satisfaction depends on the level of their daily allowance. Most of the students have the ranges forty-one to fifty pesos as their daily allowance. With this, students are satisfied with their daily school allowances. The students seem to have a peaceful mind in their financial life because of meeting financial obligations with fewer debts and liabilities. A student who manages well a financial resource leads to lesser debts and liabilities which tend to increase the level of financial support satisfaction. Furthermore, a financial support satisfied student is more confident, tolerant and less prone to stress for having improved individual well-being. In order to enhance budgeting skills and increased level of financial support satisfaction, this study suggests exploring more on the students who are making debts at an early age.


Daily allowance, Financial support, Satisfaction, Debts and Liabilities

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