Understanding Developmental Characteristics of a Child in Christian Faith among Sunday-School Children in Kenya

Alice W. Mambo


This paper extensively presents the theme of Christian education with a focus on the Sunday school children in Kenya. The author reviews the developmental stage characteristics of the Sunday school children of the Anglican Church to express the aspect of child Christian education in the contemporary society. While Parents are entrusted with the primary responsibility of nurturing, shaping, training and equipping their children to be God-honoring, obedient, and productive members in society; this responsibility in the modern society has been passed on to secular surrogates who do the educating in their place.  It is nonetheless still the key responsibility of parents that their children receive rightful Christian education.The study is limited to children between ages two to eleven years in the church Sunday school in a Kenyan context. More so, the guidelines in this study are limited to the Sunday school for the Christian education of children in the Anglican Church of Kenya with which the author is more conversant.


Anglican Church, Children education, Developmental characteristics, Sunday school

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