Impact of Gendered Cultural Codes on Academic Performance of Female Students at a University in Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Lilian Manwa


This study sought to establish the impact of gendered cultural codes on the academic performance of female students at a university in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. The qualitative paradigm involving a case study design was considered the best approach for the current study. A case study design was chosen since the study of culture, gender and academic performance is ethnographic in nature hence the design is most suitable. A sample of thirty female students was conveniently sampled from a population of all part two to four female undergraduates at the institution. In-depth interviews and open-ended questionnaires were the tools which were used to collect data. This study revealed that the academic performance of university female students was greatly influenced by gender codes. The findings indicated that gender codes such as domestic chores and societal beliefs that females are home makers have negative effects on their academic performance. The study also revealed that students advocate emancipation from the bulk of domestic chores. This study recommends that the education system design a syllabus which includes gender issues that will be included in the mainstream curriculum where it can be considered as a subject. This may gradually initiate males in doing domestic chores without destroying the cultural fabric of the society.


Gender codes, role socialisation, Culture, Academic performance, Female student

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