Piano Performing Art of Russia: Major Development Trends in the 20th Century

Zhou BeiBei


The purpose of the article is to identify features of the development of piano playing in Russia in the 20th century in the context of key trends and leading genre and styles. In connection with the goal, the following tasks were identifying: to consider Essence of Definition “Russian Piano School”; to characterize Russian Piano School in Conditions of Reorganization of System of Music Education after 1917; to consider Russian Piano Performance Art in 1930–1950s; to describe Russian Pianism in 1960–1990s. This work elucidates the Russian Piano School’s evolving characteristics, its tendencies and styles, and how it received such authority and respect throughout the world. This article also reveals the Russian Piano School’s principal musical pedagogical figures, and how diverse and original they are, especially modern Russian pianists. The unique and pivotal influence of these artists is clearly defined in the context of an emerging and distinct Russian Piano School.


Russian piano school, music education, pianism, piano performance art, pianists

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