Using Computer Technology in the ESL Writing Class

Noor Zainab Abdul Razak, Amira Syafiqah Ameruddin, Nur Hazirah Che Ithnin


Using computer and the Internet allow students and teachers to interact with one another with no boundaries and this affects the students’ attitude and their motivation in learning. This study focuses on the attitude, motivation and performances of ESL learners in learning writing using Google Docs. The quantitative instruments consisted of questionnaire, pre-test, and post-test while the qualitative instruments consisted of interview recordings and the treatment sessions. The results from the questionnaire were used to identify the attitude and motivation of the students while the results from the pre-test and post-test were used to determine the students’ performances after the use of Google Docs. The result of the study showed that the students had positive attitude toward the use of Google Docs in learning and were also motivated to learn. Google Docs manage to encourage them to write better, and there were improvements in learners’ performances. They were able to generate more ideas and organized their writing accordingly. As a conclusion, Google Docs should be implemented by teachers to teach process writing as the tool can motivate the students to learn better.


Attitude, Google Docs, motivation, performance, process writing, writing skill

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