The Impasse of Good Governance and Accountability in Democratic Governance in Nigeria: 1999 – 2015

Haruna Ayuba


The administration of democratic governance since 1999 throughout the fourth republic has had chequred history of low productivity arising from inability to provide the much needed goods and services by governments to its citizens at different strata’sthroughout the federation. These have impacted on the provision of goods and services. The study revealed that the fourth republic has battled with governance hindered by weak institutions responsible for provision of goods and services. Thus the study revealed within the integration theorists that unity and effective and efficient institutions to administer effectively is sacrosanct and inevitable for sustenance of good governance. To arrive at this conclusion the study reviewed different literature on the above subject matter and recommend reorganization and effective implantations of rules and procedures for sustenance of good governance and accountability is necessary. The study relied on qualitative sourced data for analysis.


Good Governance, Development, fourth republic, integration, accountability

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