Issues in Contemporary Management of Secondary Schools in Benue State of Nigeria

Alabar, T. Timothy, Gbande, I. Richard, Lim, T. Deborah


The world is undergoing nothing less than a major revolution in the way people spend their time and thought on the future of their endeavors. Perhaps, the most important mental and spiritual principle ever discovered is that you become what you think about most time and the actions and inactions you put in place in managing the resources available to you. In view of the fact that resources abound everywhere, they may have little or no value unless you pull out the essentials peculiar to your needs and apply it appropriately. The management of these resources can make you happy or sad, distracted or depressed, popular or unpopular, confident or insecure, positive or negative, successful or unsuccessful, powerful or powerless, victim or victor, a hero or a coward. The management style adopted by an executive determines the level employees feel and the seeds of success that will be planted. As the world moves from the era of things to the mental age, it will be only those that maximally apply the most impressing management principles that will scale the navigational flexibilities of our time. It is on the strength of this that this study is designed conceptually to unveil issues of contemporary management of secondary schools in Benue state of Nigeria. The paper is therefore structured   in the following sub-headings: introduction, types of management styles, types of motivational programmes in the workplace, team building, and tips for team building, challenges of teamwork and a conclusion is drawn.


Contemporary management, management styles, team building, motivational programmes, Secondary schools, Benue state, Nigeria

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