Education System in Ethiopia and India: Comparative Analysis of Selected Educational Issues

Tariku Sime, Gara Latchanna


In the era of globalization, nations invest in their education system to be the best so that their children can fit to the order of the day through acquiring and developing the necessary skills, knowledge, values and dispositions. The institutions meant to provide these services: schools, colleges/universities, based on the education policy, play indispensable role to face the challenges of contemporary society especially in the 21st century. The article explored how Ethiopian and Indian education systems are similar and different based on the major unit of analysis viz. historical development, education and training policy, structure of the education system, teacher quality and teaching environment, and governance and financing in education. In other words, it dealt with issues where both countries differ and how they are leading the student’s progression from their pre-primary to terminal degree programs with far-reaching recommendations to augment the value of education.


Education system, comparative analysis, educational iss

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