Challenges Faced by Secondary Teachers in Teaching Arts Education in Fiji - A Case Study of Western Division

Mohammed Feroz Ali


Art and craft education is the area of learning which is based upon the visual, drawing, painting, pottery, weaving, print making, making artifacts using recycled materials and to name a few. This research focuses on the challenges faced by secondary teachers in teaching Arts Education. The idea was researched to establish how art and craft education can be utilized to increase levels of confidence, motivation and skills in Secondary school teachers. The research used a mixed method approach for gathering results.  This study, using a questionnaire designed by the investigator, provided an insight into secondary art and craft teachers, principals and curriculum developers of art education. A group of 20 participants was selected through convenient sampling for the purpose of this study. Findings show a positive correlation between the art and craft program at the center of this research and the advancement of the skill acquisition, motivation and confidence. The recommendations after the study and analysis of results should enshrine great details on how art and craft can become a mainstream subject and shed its light on the minds of the children to gain its due respect and position to where it naturally belongs.


Artifacts, Motivation, skills, confidence, challenges, Specialist Art and Craft teachers, curriculum, pedagogical skills, inter-discipline, multiculturalism

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