Computer Supported Collaborative Writing: Does it Work among ESL Learners?

Nur Hazirah Che Ithnin, Farhanahbinti Mohamad Fikray, Noor Zainab Abdul Razak


This study examines the effectiveness of using Wiki as a platform to enhance EL learners’ writing skill in English language. In particular, the aim of this research is to examine learners’ performance in composing English language essays as well as to identify the challenges which the students faced throughout the process of writing through Wiki. This study involved the respondents from secondary school who were in Form 2 and it consists of three levels of language proficiency which the researchers have identified. Specifically, the research data is collected through writing assessments (pre-test and post-test). For pre-test and post-test, the website selected as a platform was ZOHO Wiki which is a free user friendly online server designed for collaborative writing. The data from pre-test and post-test was analysed according to the marks obtained. Particularly, the research findings showed that students positively show an encouraging improvement in their English language essays and writing skill. Besides, some   challenges on the Wiki website and technological related issues that occurred during the process of Wiki mediated writing have also been identified such as difficulties in terms of Wiki tools software, technological related problem, collaborative writing issues, and other relevant challenges related to the research topic. In addition, the pedagogical implications, limitations as well as recommendations on the future research which are relevant to the present study are discussed and elaborated. In short, collaborative learning through Wiki provides learners with an interactive platform for writing English language composition.


Collaboration, Computer support, Learning, Sentence structure, Tenses, Wiki, Writing skill

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