The Study of Peace Awareness among Undergraduate Students

Anjum Ahmed, Siam Iftekhar


The word peace can be defined well through three basic point inner peace (peace with self), social peace (means the social understanding, social adjustments and social relationships between the individuals who live in the society) and peace with nature (means to stay in harmony with nature, to obey the natural phenomena and not to disturb the natural dignity through environment and economic exploitation and stratification). Peace education is an umbrella term and can be difficult to define. In a very simple word, peace education give the learners the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which are necessary to end violence and injustice in the society and promote a culture, inner, social peace within the individual. Peace education is an essential component of quality basic education. It is concerned with helping learners to develop an awareness of the process and skills that are necessary for achieving understanding, tolerance and goodwill in the world today. The present study aims to find out the awareness of peace education among the undergraduate students of the AMU, Aligarh. A sample of 300 undergraduate students was selected by using stratified random sampling. The results and implications of the findings are discussed in the paper.


peace education, peace awareness, social skills, understanding conflict, inner peace, emotional radar, human rights and peace with nature

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