Isolation of Factors Differentiating High and Low Levels of Performance of Students in Sarva Shiksha Mission of Hooghly District of West Bengal

Sanghamitra Basak, Prasenjit Deb


After flourishing execution of District Primary Education Programme (1997-2002) at the primary level, a demand had been generated at the elementary level throughout the country. To meet the demand, Sarva Shiksha Mission had been launched in 2002 throughout the country as a flagship programme where both the Union Government and the Provincial Government joined in hand at the operational level. The present study has been conducted in the eastern and western part of Hooghly district of the state of West Bengal where eastern part of the district is taken as high level of performance of students and western part of the district is taken as low level of performance of students. To illustrate the performance level of elementary students in Sarva Shiksha Mission in term of 25 variables, viz., Age (X1), Calorie intake value (X2), Food intake value (X3), Body Mass Index (X4), Mother’s Education (X5), Use of teaching learning material at school (X6), Communication to School (X7), Mode of communication (X8), attitude of teachers towards students (X9), Adequate Dress during school time (X10), Role of School teachers in understanding text books (X11 ), Role of parents in understanding text books (X12), Access to text (X13), Availability of text books (X14), Home environment (X15), Financial Condition (X16), Encouragement by the social leaders toward education (X17), Encouragement by mother toward Education (X18), Encouragement by the siblings towards Education (X19), Contribution of mother towards study (X20), Contribution of mother towards study (X21), mother’s level of income(X22), encouragement of mother in continuing education (X23), Attitude of mother towards children(X24), Whether engagement in essential household activities(X25), were found to bear substantial impact on the high and low level of performance (Y) of students.


SSM, UEE, Calorie intake value, Discriminant analysis, BMI

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