Scholarly Resources for Authors

As the institutional reviewer and publisher of scientific and scholarly knowledge, we from time to time suggest our authors to make their research articles and scientific works available to the vast community of scholars, researchers, reviewers and editors worldwide and not just with us.

There are various scholarly platforms which are open for this purpose. We strongly advocate for making the research datasets and other supporting data to be made available on these scholarly platforms to enable more critical review and replication of the data by other fellow researchers and scholars.

Doing this makes a scientific work open to scholarly considerations and analysis which ultimately helps in recognizing the submitted or reviewed works.

Followings are the suggested scholarly platforms where the authors may make their reviewed/un-reviewed/published/accepted works available for a scholarly sharing and data replication which will benefits both the sharing authors as well as the fellow researchers/scholars to assess the scholarly credibility of a scientific work:

FigShare Harvard DataverseResearchGateAcademiaSSRNMendeleyMunich Personal RePEc ArchiveZoteroOSF Preprints

The authors may share their scientific works on above suggested scholarly platforms by clicking on the logo of the respective platform.

Sharing your scientific works including datasets will further enhance the scholarly discussion on the shared work which will give you more considerate views and suggestions for further refinement and improvisation. Besides, the shared works will also bring you a recognition as credible scholar open to scholarly analysis and development of the scientific domain.


The Institute of Research Advances has no institutional tie-ups or any relation of whatever nature with the platforms or institutions mentioned above. The above depiction is just for the information & reference of the authors to further improve the share-ability of their scientific works. All the depicted logos are the intellectual property rights of their respective owner institutions. Additionally, sharing scientific works on these platforms is governed by terms of use of the respective platform.

/posted on November 20, 2016

/updated on February 12, 2018

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