IRA also reviews & publishes quarterly peer-reviewed journals. The published work in IRA journals is available free of charge under Open Access. The researchers & authors can submit their original works for review and possible publication in IRA journals.

Subject-wise available journals can be found herebelow:

Peer Review Program

The IRA seeks to empanel reviewers on the scope-subjects of the journal to review manuscripts. The minimum eligibility to be empanelled as a reviewer to the journal is having a PhD in the related subject and prior experience of reviewing manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications. A CV detailing one's published research works can be shared with us at [email protected]

Advocating Open Access

IRA has also mandated ‘Open Access’ of all of its published research content contributed by world-class authorship. For advancing its mandate for open access, IRA has actively been providing its research metadata under Open Access Initiative, a global convention advocating open access of scientific works.