Effect of Human Capital and Leadership on Institutions’ Performance and Competitive Advantages

Padli Hili, Mursalim Umar Gani, Nazir Hamzah, Zainuddin Rahman


This study analyzes the influence of human capital, leadership on performance and competitive advantage at 206 head of the study program university courses owned by private colleges in the Scope of Private High Education Coordinator has called KOPERTIS Region IX Sulawesi in Makassar. Sampling is done using the total population sampling technique. A result of testing the hypothesis with support of analysis moment of Structures Ver. 21 provides evidence that human capital, organizational learning and leadership and significant positive effect on the performance of the institution. Influences among other variables provide evidence that human capital, leadership and agency performance and significant positive impact on competitive advantage. On the other hand organizational learning and leadership are not significant positive effect on competitive advantage. The role of the institution's performance significantly effect in explaining the effect of human capital, organizational learning and leadership to competitive advantage.


Human Capital, Leadership, Performance, Competitive advantage

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