The Self in Society: Exploring Cultural Embeddedness in Gloria Naylor’s Fiction

Anjila Singh Mehla


A most significant development that has taken place on the global literary scene during the last few decades or so is the dramatic emergence of African-American voices as a distinct and dominant force. Along with Toni Morrison scores of African American Fiction writers, poets, playwrights, autobiographers, and essayists have mapped bold new territories; they have firmly entrenched themselves in the forefront of contemporary American Literature. This article retraces this exciting literary phenomenon in the context of the lives, works, and achievements of Gloria Naylor and her contemporaries. Naylor discovered feminism and African American Literature, which revitalized her and gave her new ways to think about and define herself as a black woman.


Apocalyptic Images and Events, Feminism, Identity, Racial Harmony, Dantesque View, Self –exploration, Empowerment, Community

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