Television Advertisements Impact on Customer’s Buying Behavior for the ‘Health Drinks Which Makes Milk Richer of Children’ In the Area of Vadodara City

Sandip G. Prajapati


The concepts of health and energy have perhaps never been as popular—or pursued/coveted— as they are now. With market rivalries becoming an intense affair, brand strategists and marketers are eager to refresh their brand’s positioning and image. The focus on functional health benefits has allowed India to become the world’s largest market for malt-based hot drinks with US$1.1 billion in 2015 retail sales, with room for additional growth. In addition to health-oriented marketing initiatives, growth of malt-based hot drinks in India has been aided by a young population, growing knowledge of health and nutrition, and an increase in income. Primary objective behind conducting this research is to find out at what extent television advertisements impact on customer’s buying behavior for the ‘health drinks making milk richer of children’s’ in the area of Vadodara city. Descriptive single cross sectional research design was selected for conducting this research in the area Vadodara city. Sample of 200 were chosen for conducting this research. For more effective and accurate result, Stratified Random Sampling method was used as a sampling technique. Different statistical tools were applied to analyze the data. Research reveals that; television advertisement has substantial influence on children’s and their papers. This will affect the moving product desire from one brand to another. 


Television Advertisement, Consumer Behaviour, Health Drinks and Behavior of Children

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