Lightning Risk: An Under-Valued Disaster?

Salini K


Lightning is a very common natural phenomenon which primarily solicits little attention. In this climate – allied innate localized activity, high electric charges are generated which cause disastrous outcomes, both physically and economically. Many lives are burnt and severe losses are suffered due to this natural disaster. But, it is often doubted that the deaths and economic losses due to lightening are under reported. Many reasons are cited as difficult in getting authentic figures, inadequacy of the government rules in the reporting areas etc. Disaster relief is also outside the sphere of such calamity. Comparison between the loss figures due to lightning with other disaster loss figures also reveals that the former ranks higher than the latter. Still, many of the lightning disasters are not properly accounted and recompensed by National Calamity and Relief Fund or any other such Relief Funds. The article is an attempt to see the depth of such an issue and major challenges faced by the victims to get the compensation from the authorities. Also, suggestions are sought to arrive at a satisfying solution to such an unnoticed problem.


lightening risk, lightning injury, natural disaster, disaster management, calamity

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