Recognizing Communication Skills as a Professional Tool

Sunita Mohapatra


Today’s corporate world has become an ultimate destination for every youth. Getting success in the profession is not only a dream but a determination for them. The reason behind this is rigorous competition and talents which are no less in the society. These jobs give high profile platform to employees. This also provides immediate growth opportunity and exposure to them so that the employees sharpen their skills and inherent qualities. Adequate knowledge about techniques and field related skills are must, but they are not sufficient. If an individual wants to sustain in this era he/she has to have strong communication skills. The increasing pressures and professional challenges widen the role of managers. Professional authorities in Multi National Companies always expect that their employees should possess efficiency and good communication skills. This paper highlights how communication skills take importance in making a professional successful in his/her career. Through this study it is shown that companies having employees with strong communication skills are more successful and their work environments are destinations for job seekers.


Corporate world, Communication skills, Professional challenge, Manager, work environment

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