Forts in Western Vidarbha

Nalini K. Tembhekar


Forts have played a prominent role in the military system of any Kingdom in Medieval Period. So the Bahmanis did much for military architecture as they had powerful enemies on all sides. Gawilgarh and Narnala are the significant forts of Bahmani Sultanate. These forts are regarded as the greatest and most abiding monuments and superior to European forts of the same period (Circa 1350-1500). Grawilgarh and Narnala in Berar are examples of engineering skill and architecture appropriate for mountain strong holds of good taste and lavish expenditure. Combined with elegant stone carving. The carving of the forts gate at Narnala and Gawilgarh are still in good preservation.

            Balapur fort was a fair specimen of later Mughal architecture. The fort too was keeping in mind the town’s (Balapur) military responsibilities and position. Balapur hailed as an important military station during the times of the Mughals. Complex architecture used in the fort ensured its safety, as well as eased the discharge of missiles and other ammunition from within the fort rendering it one of the most impenetrable forts in vidarbha region. 


Vidarbha; Historial Studies; Forts; Indian History

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