Conflict, Livelihood Security and Children in the Conflict Affected Kokrajhar District BTAD, Assam

Surashree Pathak


This paper is an attempt to investigate into the livelihood insecurity of the people living in conflict prone areas and its resultant impact on the overall wellbeing of the children of the area. It focuses mainly on two communities in Kokrajhar district of Assam i.e. the Bodos and the immigrant Muslims which have experienced series of conflicts in the recent decades. Generally the first priority in conflict prone areas is the immediate concern of the Government and Non Government actors is focused on the immediate loss of life and property. The sufferings of the survivors of conflict however go unnoticed. The survivors are the worst victim of conflict. The conflicts have led to mass displacement of people from both the communities forcing them to leave their homes and to live in makeshift camps. The victims living in the camps are deprived of basic human right to life and livelihood. Many of them are living in the relief camps for more than a decade, with no scope for education and skill development for getting a dignified livelihood opportunity. Even those who are not displaced or have returned to their villages lost their livelihood due to the breakdown of the civil infrastructure. The livelihood insecurity of the parents lead to serious child right violation in the conflict affected area. Several unwelcome consequences like child trafficking, child marriage, child labour can be seen in the area. this paper tries to capture the actual picture from the study area.


Political Sciences; Public Policy; Governance; Developmental Studies

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