Psycho-Social Effects of Teenage Pregnancy in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe

Viola Ingwani, Shamiso Iline Chingombe, Loveness Chindanya, Sarah Moyo


This qualitative research design focused on the psychological effects of teenage pregnancy in Masvingo Zimbabwe. In depth interviews were employed for data collection .The sample compromised five school girls with friends who dropped out of school due to teenage pregnancy, five girl child drop outs and three elders knowledgeable in Shona culture. The analysis was concerned with the attitudes of Shona society on teenage pregnancy and dropping out of school; in particular the girls’ family, the girls’ prospective in-laws, her school peers and the church. Findings revealed the trauma that the pregnant girl-child faces.  It was noted that she suffers rejection, isolation, shame and low self esteem. Furthermore due to economic hardships the boys responsible for the pregnancy are not economically ready to start a family. Prospective in-laws discourage marriage because they feel that their boy children are not ready for marriage and are being taken advantage of. Recommendations were made that the family and the society should take a more supportive role when faced with pregnant teenagers.


psycho social; teenage pregnancy

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