Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation in the Sustainability of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Projects in Kenya

Tecla Biwott, Omar Egesah, Javan Ngeywo


The Kenya Government Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects contribute immensely in initiating and implementing sustainable development projects in all parts of Kenya, and it is essential to track processes and impact of such projects. Monitoring and Evaluation helps project managers in keeping track the implementation of the projects and its prudence in the utilization of the resources. It provides decision makers with a strategy to plan for sustainability of the projects and guidance for future endeavors. Sustainability is key to stakeholders who in real sense need to be involved throughout the project and program cycles. This study evaluates the role of monitoring and evaluation on the sustainability of Kenya Government Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects in Kenya. Literature review was used to collect information which was peer reviewed by a team of four. Findings show a great influence of monitoring and evaluation on the utility and sustainability of the projects implemented through CDF funding. It is therefore, prudent to embed Monitoring and Evaluation in all the Projects funded by the Kenya Government through constituency development fund (CDF).  


Monitoring; Evaluation; Sustainability; Development; Project; Community

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