A Study on the Positive Potential of Demonetization and Digital Payment System to improve Service Quality of Indian Banks

Sumanta Mukhopadhyay


The present wave of Demonetization and Digital Payment System towards a Cashless Economy demands that our Commercial banks provide superior customer service as one of the biggest provider of banking and financial services in our urban and rural hinterland. Loyal customer base can only be created through delivering Customer Delight. But the crux of the matter is that to achieve better performance, the Indian banks, both private and public, need to provide Service Quality. Different authors in India have tried for introspection of the service quality through different constructs and dimensions in the banking sector in India. Here in this paper, we will try to investigate different works related to banking done in India, the different dimensions researched so far and the positive potential of Demonetization and Digital to make SERVQUAL Dimensions more effective towards delivering better customer satisfaction.


Customer Expectation; Customer Perception; Customer Satisfaction; Customer Delight; Service Quality; Demonetization; Digital Transaction; Cashless Payment System

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