An Analysis of Public Health Expenditure in Hyderabad Karnataka Region

Basavaraj S Benni, Srikara U


Health status is the outcome of public spending; Public income is the result of human capital standards in the society. Both influences and complements each other growth. Objective of the study is to know the status of Public HealthExpenditure in Hyderabad Karnataka region and analyse the deterministic relation between HK-region’s Gross Domestic Income and Public HealthExpenditure. The study is conducted based on secondary data; analysis is done by using basic statistics and inference drawn upon OLS regression analysis. The percentage public expenditure to RGDP on health is less than 1%, which is not an acceptable indication and considered to be robust hurdle in the process of human capital formation of this region. The region is showing the positive trend in regional domestic income; hence government has leverage to spend more on healthsector. 


Public Health Expenditure; Regional Gross Domestic Income; Percapita public expenditure

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