Role of Banks in Ensuring a Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Saurabh Agarwal


Economic growth in India has to be inclusive in order to make it sustainable. Inclusiveness is an essential element in a democracy. If policies that bring about economic growth do not benefit the people in a wide and inclusive manner, they will not be sustainable. Equally, inclusive growth is essential to grow the market size, which alone will sustain growth momentum. Inclusive growth is the only just and equitable way that any society can grow. Financial Inclusion rests on three pillars viz. access to financial services, affordability of such services and actual utilization of such services. Financial Inclusion can be achieved only if all the three pillars show affirmative results. It may prove to be very useful for the banking Industry and the overall Indian economy. It will be useful for policy makers, academicians and researchers in the field.


Sustainable; Inclusive; Financial; Rural; Urban; Growth; Demographic; Opportunities

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