Management of Change Delivery Decision Making Through the Force Field Analysis in Georgia

Jilda Cheishvili, Irene Zarnadze, Shalva Zarnadze


Children’s generation of Georgia recovers parent’s generations only for 70-80%. According to same data, there are only 14 countries with the similar low indicators. The increase of C-section can cause the decrease of birthdates.

WHO recommended The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health - through the creation of an Advocacy Team. (WHO, 2005). This model ensures the relaxed environment where the mothers can receive information delivered by qualified health workers, who teach pregnant women and family members about health and well-being.  Advocacy Team comprises - nurses, medical students, and volunteer.

Project benefit will be increased antenatal and postnatal care services through  the country, in the lead the better attitude and knowledge about health and well-being  across all Social levels .  Further families will save money because they couldn't pay for C-section  

Evaluation of the project –annual statistical analysis by NCDC (National Center for Disease Control and Public Health) decrease C-section rate for mother request.

Project outcome will be increased maternal and Child health and well-being, Increase right participation from the community, Support of pregnant women and her family economically.


Force Field Analysis; Child Health; antenatal and postnatal care

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