Highlighting Tribal Tourism Potentials of Southern Rajasthan

Suneeta Verma, Madhu Murdia


Tribes are very mysterious; everything about them is still unexplored and unspoiled.  This research paper highlights potential for the promotion of tribal tourism and various tribes inhabiting in these tribal areas. Further it discusses a strategy to develop a new tourism product to match up with the growing expectations of the tourists in southern Rajasthan. For this, various tourism potentials like their history culture, costume, cuisine etc. have been studied. Further in this paper it has been discussed that tribal tourism is responsible for the positive image building and exploring the unidentified locations of our beautiful and multifaceted state. These days’ tourists are in thrust for new experiences, innovations and adventures. It would be wrong to underestimate that tourists are not willing to experience new cultures and face new challenges of these mysterious tribes.

Before writing this paper extensive literature review has been done. The literature review was divided into 3 phases. It consists of extensive survey of literature, profiling the entertainment possibilities for the tourists and finally providing a strategy for the development of tribal tourism in Rajasthan.


Tribes of Rajasthan; Bhil; community development; sustainable tourism

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