The Influence of Attitude, Knowledge and Quality on Purchase Intention towards Halal Food: A Case Study of Young Non-Muslim Consumers in Thailand

Kamonthip Maichum, Surakiat Parichatnon, Ke-Chung Peng


This paper investigates the influence of attitude, halal knowledge, halal quality on purchase intention towards halal food of young non-Muslim consumers in Thailand. Consequently, total of 600 questionnaires were distributed and 482 usable responses were obtained yielding a response rate of 80.33%. Our results indicated that attitude has a strongest direct influence on intention to purchase and also the results indicated that halal knowledge has a significant effect on attitude towards halal food and had no significant effect on halal purchase intention. Furthermore, halal quality has significant positive influences on the purchase intention among the studied group in Thailand. Therefore, this paper could provide insights important for manufacturers, marketers and policymakers to understand the perspectives of young non-Muslim consumers in Thailand.


Attitude; Halal food; Halal knowledge; Halal quality; Purchase intention; Thailand; Young non-Muslim consumers

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