Influence of Demographic Factors on Visitor Perceived Value and Visitor Satisfaction in Bangalore Amusement Parks

Avinash BN, Vidyavathi K


The service industry is the most dynamic and ever growing industry in terms of revenue and competition. In order to compete and survive successfully in today’s dynamic environment, all the service providing organisations focus on enhancing their diverse customer base having different demographical patterns that arise after the fulfillment of needs and wants of customers to maximise their profits. The amusement park industry is not an exception to this situation in present market dynamism. With the increase in the number of parks and decrease in footfalls, the amusement parks are in the process to enhance their park image by concentrating on the demographic factors of the visitors. Therefore, researchers are intensely emphasising on the influence of demographic factors on the visitor perceived value and visitor satisfaction. The current research study endeavors to find out the relationship among demographic factors on the perceived value and visitor satisfaction. The sample data is collected from random customers of different amusement parks in Bangalore. The collected data then analyzed using SPSS. The results revealed that there is no significance relation between demographic factors and visitor perceived value and visitor satisfaction.


Amusement Parks; Demographic factors; Perceived value; Visitor satisfaction; Park image

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