Sociology and the Crisis of Social Transformation in India in the Aspect of Information Technology

Preeti Srivastava


Sociology is a social science that studies society and the individual in perspective of society. Sociology emerged as a separate discipline in the mid-1800s in Western Europe during the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Industrialization brought Social Changes so sweeping they affected all aspects of human existence-where people lived, the nature of their work and interpersonal relationships. Social change, a shift in the characteristics of culture and society is such a vital part of Social life. Social Transformation is the process by which an individual alters the socially ascribed social status of their parents into a socially achieved status for themselves. However another definition refers to large scale Social Change as in Cultural Reforms or Transformation.

The main objectives of this research paper are- 1) To assess that Technology especially information technology plays a vital role in social transformation.  2) To identify that they are positively related to each other.  3) to evaluate the seriousness of cyber threats.

Indian country is proposed as an area of survey for conducting the study of above-mentioned objectives. Percentile, growth rate and charge are used to justify it.

Most popular information technology skills at the moment are internet (Computer networking). According to a release dated September 19, 2006, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, Internet users in India have reached 37 million in the month of September 2006, up from 33 million in March 2006. During the same period the number of “Active Users” has risen from 21.1 Million in March 2006 to 25 Million in September 2006. “Active User’ is an internationally accepted and widely used category to define users who have used the internet at least one in the last 30 days.

India has been facing serious cyber threats these days. These include threats from cyber espionage, cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, etc. Governments can facilitate these processes by taking legislative measures that ensure human rights are protected online just as they are physical spaces.


Sociology; IT; Social Development; developmental Studies

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