A Non –Parametric Test for Stress of Bank Employees (Comparison of Public vs. Private Sector Banks)

Sandeep Nath Modi, Samir Kumar


Employee performance is the key driving force for organizational success and at the same time pressure become the part & parcel in organizations for keeping employees motivated to win the competitive race. But undue pressure can causes stress which reduces performance .Stress is ubiquitous phenomenon and a straining condition that has a negative impact on an individual’s physical, physiological, personal and family life. Quality of Work Life is an intricate and comprehensive concept implying a concern for the members of an organization irrespective of the level they belong to. It includes job factors such as health and well-being, working conditions, attitude level etc. the success of any organisation especially in banking sector depends on quality of work life of employees because management of people and management of risk are the two important challenges faced by banks today. So the present study aims to make a comparative study of the quality of work life among public and private sector bank employees in Haryana.


Quality of Work Life; Private Sector; Public Sector; Working Condition; Health and Wellbeing; Stress

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