Brand Equity Analysis of Select Personal Wash Brands Based on Brand Loyalty and Perceptual Selectivity

Amrita Chatterjee, Isita Lahiri


A major part of Marketing is brand building. Once a brand is established in the market it has a positive impact on the sales of the product which is associated with that brand. Now in this process of brand building brand equity becomes the key factor to get the edge over the competitors. Brand equity of FMCG products depends on few factors but here the objective of the study is to analyze brand equity with respect to brand loyalty and perceptual selectivity as the key determinants of brand equity in Indian FMCG market with special reference to some personal wash brands under the category of personal care FMCG products. Some demographic variables are also taken into account to establish the influential effects of these variables on brand equity.


Brand Equity; Brand Loyalty; Perceptual Selectivity; Personal Wash Brands; FMCG brands

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