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Organizational Learning and Motivation: Assessing the impact on Employee Performance

Puja Sareen, Parikshit Joshi
Organizational learning has the potential to improve organizational performance. For any organization to sustain long term benefits it requires to establish a mechanism to tap the knowledge and use this knowledge in taking future decisions. This study tries to capture the role of Organizational Learning and Employee Motivation and its impact on the Employees’ Performance. The study is exploratory and descriptive in nature. The questionnaire used for primary data collection has its items collected and derived from various standardized questionnaires available. The analysis of the primary data shows that there is a positive correlation between Organizational Learning and Organizational Performance. On understanding Herzberg theory of motivation the study came to conclusion that employees consider hygiene factors of motivation more significant than the motivator factors. The motivation level of employees in an organization has positive impact on the overall performance of any organization. The study helps the organizations to understand the relationship between learning and performance considering motivation as a mediating variable. 
Organizational Learning, Employee Motivation, Organizational Performance
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