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Indian Newspapers and Environmental Protests: A Content Analysis

Madhu Babu Jangili, Padma Ponugoti
This study seeks to investigate news content on environmental protests in the Indian newspapers. A quantitative designed based on content analysis was adopted in this research. This study used two English dailies i.e., The Hindu and The New Indian Express and two Telugu dailies i.e., Eenadu and Vaartha were taken for analysis. It is not a random sample. In this a purposive sample method was adopted and analyzed 365 issues of each newspaper. Selection of time period was one year i.e., 1st January, 2002 to 31st December, 2002 were analyzed for daily reportage and space allocation and unit of analysis published. Keeping in view 10 environmental protests have been mainly identified for this research. All data collected were analyzed using simple descriptive statistics. Statistical techniques as chi-square, ANOVA, mean, median, SD etc. have been used for analysis.
Environment, Public Protest, Social Responsibility, News Papers
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