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A Pilot Study for Employability Skills among Students of Management Faculty under NMU, Jalgaon & SPPU, Pune (with Special Reference to MBA Students)

Hansraj M. Patil, A. N. Patil

To remain existing in this world needs ability to survive even Charles Darwin proposes Theory for survival of fittest. To remain fit in today’s world is not only the physical abilities but to be engaged in any kind of profession through which one can earn his daily bread and butter. This need appears to be same for each class of society and job. Today this ability can be called as an Employability Skill. It is nothing to do with whether you want a job or want to run any business. For the today’s students it is very essential to have these skills not only to bag in new employment opportunities but to retain and to grow on existing one also. Through this research paper authors want to set shoulder to wheel for comparing employability among students of management faculty under two of the leading state universities of Maharashtra i.e. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon & Savitribai Phule Pune University with special reference to MBA students. This paper consist concept of employability, factors affecting employability and comparison of employability skills among MBA student under both the universities.

Employment, Faculty of Management, abilities, skills, career development
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