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A Comparative Study on Corporate Governance Standards and Practices with Special Reference to Indian Banking Industry

Syed Abdul Hameed

The vital constituent of an economy are Banks. The significance of banking sector is highlighted by the fact that it is an internationally regulated industry and the banks are under the purview of financial regulators of the country. It is of pivotal significance that the banks have robust corporate governance. A new clause 49 was introduced by SEBI in the listing agreement before a decade mentioning the principles of corporate governance to be followed by the listed companies. In the following years SEBI revised clause 49 several times after incorporating the recommendation of various committees. After taking into account the various trends and factors related to corporate Governance the topic entitled. "A comparative study of corporate standards and practices with special reference to Indian Banking Industry" has been drafted to assess the structure and processes of corporate governance followed by select banks in India and their effectiveness in the content of substance and quality of reporting of corporate governance activities in the annual reports. The study also looks in to the state of compliance of key governance benchmarks in the select banks and offers suggestions to accomplish better governance standards. 

Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Accounting Standards
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