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ABCD Analysis of On-line Campus Placement Model

Sreeramana Aithal, Varun Shenoy

The Present digital and technological era has facilitated the college campus recruitment process towards a manifestation of a vibrant shift in new systems of workforce engagements. The processes like gathering and compilation of information, filing of records, and all data related administrative work are done electronically, and therefore, paperwork is considerably diminished in the new model. Significantly, very less physical campus space is utilized for interview processes, and overall, consumes minimal time as compared with more traditional recruiting methods. Therefore, a brief study is undertaken in this research to discover the practical viability, usefulness, resourcefulness and universal applicability of on-line campus placement model to Recruiters, Students, Parents, Society, and Institutions. A new model of framework analysis named ABCD analysis developed by Aithal P. S. et. al. (2015) is adopted here for arriving at appropriate theory, hypothesis or postulate constructs regarding the ubiquitous appeal of the on-line campus placements. The determinant issues are identified and affecting factors under the constructs advantages, benefits, constraints, and disadvantages are determined under common key attributes. 158 Critical Constituent Elements (CCE) for are identified based on this analysis framework.

Online Campus Placement, ABCD framework, Model Factor analysis, Model elemental analysis
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