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Trolls and Its Augmentation in the Cyber World of Kerala

Sarada P V

                              Internet enthralled new generation cannot think of a world without social media. Social media itself became a platform for open ended discussions and enlightening sources of knowledge. Information revolution creates unbounded world where sumptuous trade, commerce, communication etc take place. The effect of cyber world is far reaching which surmount all other media that facilitates the growth of cyber media. The utility of cyber world is it includes entertainment, informative, educative, purposive, etc. Many aspects of internet had far reaching results. Among them trolls are significant in opening the eyes of the audience to the various social, political, gender, lingual and cultural issues. Pointed condemnation, naysayer, satire are the general nature of trolls. Sometimes it focuses on heartless defamation on individuals in power and positions. Ideas that are spread virally through internet may turn out to be reasons for social transformations. It can correct corrupted individuals, modify negative attitude of society towards the underprivileged by poignant criticism through internet trolls.  Its interference in social, cultural, political practices is noteworthy to mould a new perspective in society.

                                    Here the endeavor is to find out the concept of trolls and its importance in the cyber world of Kerala. The trolls provide a public space for open criticism and satire. Sometimes it may attack individuals without mercy but generally they are having a wider range of usage. It became instruments of social change when it is used rather in constructive brighter aspects. Sometimes it is used to dismantle the sacred images and idols which are actually beyond the reach of criticism in reality. But the anonymous aspect of virtual world actually opens up a possibility of razor-sharp ridicule and mocking.

Troll, Social debate, technology in social behavior
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