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Trends in Regional disparity of Southern states in India during the Post-reform period

Muthumurugan. P, Ganesasubramanian. R

Regional disparity is a crucial problem. It has attained so much of concern from classical economists to recent development researchers and that has been creating more dilemmas among the planners to make plan for reducing the imbalances. Hitherto in India most of the studies have been identified the backwardness across the nations as well as states by different development index analysis and these studies were more ideal in the sense of disparity and they are found to be giving no clear picture about regional disparities and were not comprehensive in nature but only isolated manner. Within this premises, this paper tries to make an attempt to analyze the trend in regional economic disparities in economic growth of Southern states in India during the post reform period from 1991-92 to 2011-12 by measure of Hauser’s Index of relative economic growth.

Backwardness, Balanced regional development, Gross State Domestic Product, Index of relative economic growth, Regional disparity
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